Centaurs as Police Officers in “Bright” by David Ayer (2017)

“Bright” is a new movie with Will Smith distributed by Netflix. It talks about two policemen – human (Will Smith) and orc (Joel Edgerton) who try to save the world from the upcoming danger.

Podobny obraz
  The official movie poster [source]

Directed by: David Ayer

Release date: December 22, 2017 (United States)

Genre: fantasy, science fiction, action, crime

Running time: 118  minutes

Age range: +16

In the movie we get to know the vision of the world in the future, where humans live togheter with (inter aila): orcs, elves, centaurs, dwarves. Centaurs play the role of police officers.

Centaur police officer in “Bright” movie [source]
Another centaur policeman in “Bright” movie [source]
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  • The Official Trailer of “Bright”This video may contain content inappropriate for some users. This video may be unsuitable for children.


  • “Bright” on Netflix – link
  • On Internet Movie Database – link

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“Great Experiments for Little People” by Wojciech Mikołuszko

“Wielkie eksperymenty dla małych ludzi” (“Great Experiments for Little People”) by Wojciech Mikołuszko illustrated by Joanna Rzezak is a Polish children’s non-fiction book from 2016 published by Wydawnictwo Agora.

Wielki eksperymenty cover.png
The cover of the book

“Wielkie eksperymenty…” is a book about the great experiments from our history, not only those important for chemistry, physics etc., but also psychology. Each chapter contains a historical information about the scientist and the experiment itself and a guide how to prepare similar experiments at home, step by step. The first chapter is dedicated to Archimedes, who c. 265 BC in Syracuse shouted “Eureka!” (“Εὕρηκα!”) when taking a bath and came up with an idea which later was called after his name an Archimedes’ principle!

Archimedes in a bathtub, il. Joanna Rzezak (1).png
Archimedes in a bathtub, il. Joanna Rzezak
Archimedes running through Syracuse, il. Joanna Rzezak
Archimedes explaining his idea to the King Hiero II, il. Joanna Rzezak.JPG
Archimedes explaining his idea to the King Hiero II, il. Joanna Rzezak
Author in a modern bathtub, il. Joanna Rzezak
Author in a modern bathtub, il. Joanna Rzezak

The text is written in a humorist manner and the illustrations by Joanna Rzezak make it even more funny (especially the naked author in a modern bathtub). Though all the informations are specific (i.a. there were no “scientists” in the Antiquity, they all were called “philosophers” etc.).

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“The Reformator Martin Luther” by Michał Rzecznik and Piotr Nowacki

“Reformator Marcin Luter” (“The Reformator Martin Luther”) is a graphic novel written by Michał Rzecznik and illustrated by Piotr Nowacki published by Wydawnictwo Widnokrąg on 31st October 2017, precisely 500th years after Luther nailed his theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg.

Reformator cover
The cover of the book

“Reformator” is a funny, biographical story about Luther, who as a storyteller explains everyday life in the times between the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and how he came with the idea of the Reformation of the Church and so on. The story finishes in the modern times, as Luther presents numbers considering the protestant churches etc. Each second page is a set of illustrations, the others contain descriptions of the important terms, objects, and people, such as Schwabacher, “The Autumn of the Middle Ages” (by Johan Huizinga), simony, or Jan Hus.

Luther as a storyteller (1).JPG
Luther as a storyteller, il. Piotr Nowacki
Reformation spreading through the Europe.JPG
Reformation spreading through Europe, il. Piotr Nowacki

One of the illustrations presents Luther’s visit to Rome, another one is the mythological she-wolf with two boys, Romulus and Remus:

Romulus and Remus.png

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  • The Facebook page of Piotr Nowacki – link

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An Unbelievable New Demigod: Poseidon Is Part of the “Justice League”

A current and famous example for a messianic Poseidon-figure is the hero of Aquaman in the Marvel-movie Justice League (USA, Snyder 2017), in which Poseidon is shown as a superhero.

A modern Poseidon as part of the biggest heroes of all time: Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Flash [source]

In the plot, he is a king who rules over the sunken empire of Atlantis, and he also has a five times jagged trident, with which he is able to cause big waves to fight against tyrannical enemies like the Parademons. Furthermore, he is a very fast swimmer and can talk to fish and other animals that live in the sea.

Jason Momoa plays the role of the Aquaman in “Justice League” [source]
Aquaman with his red haired and beautiful wife Mera, an Atlantean queen, played by Amber Heard [source]

As far as his iconography is concerned, he looks like the Poseidon statues of fountains of the Renaissance: He has a beard, long and curly hair, and an athletic body. By having bright sea-blue eyes, blond-brown hair, tanned skin, and fish-scale-tattoos all over his strong body, he is also modernized and hybridised with a handsome surfer boy.


If you wish to get to know the power of Aquaman-Poseidon, you can watch this stranger, raising from the sea:

Found by Dr. Michael Stierstorfer from the University of Regensburg.

“Mythical Realms®” Collection of Toys by Safari Ltd®

Mythical Realms® is one of the collection of toys created by Safari Ltd®. The pieces from the collection depict various figures and monsters from the world of mythology, like for example PoseidonMinotaur, Chimera.


The figurine of Poseidon [source]

The age category of the collection is 3+, however, the figurines may contain small parts that may constitute a choking hazard.

The great advantage of the Mythical Realms® are the fine-tuned details of the figurines that makes them look very realistic. All the characters have interesting descriptions on the manufacturer’s website.

Outside the collection, Safari Ltd® offers the Mythical Realms® TOOB® with 8 small figures from Greek mythology, containing Chimera, Griffin, Phoenix, Unicorn, Sea Dragon, the Minotaur, Poseidon and a Mermaid.


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Found by Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson (University of Oxford)

„Pszczoły” (“The Book of Bees”) by Piotr Socha

„Pszczoły” (“The Book of Bees”) by Piotr Socha (text by Wojciech Grajkowski) is a Polish children’s non-fiction book from 2015 published by Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry.


Podobny obraz
The cover of „Pszczoły”[source]

„Pszczoły” is a big format book, similar to the world-famous „Mapy” by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielińscy from 2012 (also published by Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry). Each spread is dedicated to another topic concerning bees: their biology, production of honey, human-bees relations during history, modern beekeeping etc. Among them ancient Egypt, Greek mythology, and ancient history (Alexander the Great and Poppaea Sabina, the second wife of the emperor Nero) are also present.

Alexander the Great (dead) in the barrel filled with honey (fragment), illustration by Piotr Socha.
The ancient Egipt spread (fragment), illustration by Piotr Socha.
Greek Gods spread (fragment with Zeus), illustration by Piotr Socha.
Poppaea Sabina taking bath in the milk of hundred asses and applying honey to her skin (fragment), illustration by Piotr Socha.

Also there are two newspaper-like spreads, containing briefly described facts: on one of them the Aristotle is mentioned, the other – Virgil’s “Georgics”. Besides ancient historians and writers such as Strabo and Pliny the Elder are mentioned.

See more:

An interview with Agnes Monod-Gayraud, a translator of „Pszczoły” (in English):

  1. About „Pszczoły” (in Polish) – link.
  2. The official website of Dwie Siostry publishing house: http://www.wydawnictwodwiesiostry.pl
  3. The official website of Piotr Socha: http://www.piotrsocha.pl
  4. Some of the foreign editions of „Pszczoły”:
  • Dutch: Piotr Socha, “Het bijenboek”, trans. Greet Pauwelijn, Tielt: Lannoo, 2016.
  • English: 1) Piotr Socha, “The Book of Bees”, trans. Agnes Monod-Gayraud, London: Thames & Hudson Ltd., 2016 (UK), 2_ Piotr Socha,”Bees: a honeyed history”, trans. Agnes Monod-Gayraud, New York: ABRAMS Books for Young Readers, 2017 (USA).
  • Finnish: Piotr Socha, “Mehiläinen”, trans. Päivi Paloposki, Helsinki: Nemo, 2016.
  • French: Piotr Socha,”Abeilles”, trans. Lydia Waleryszak, Paris: De La Martinière jeunesse, 2016.
  • German: Piotr Socha, “Bienen”, trans. Thomas Weiler, Hildesheim: Garstenberg, 2016.
  • Italian: Piotr Socha, “Il regno delle api”, trans. Valentina Parisi, Milano: Electakids, 2016.
  • Russian: Piotr Socha, “Пчелы” [Pchely], trans. , Mocква [Moskva]: Самокат [Samokat], 2017.
  • Spanish: Piotr Socha, “Abejas”, trans. Katarzyna Motoniewicz y Abel Murcia, Madrid: Ma-eva, 2016.
  • Swedish: Piotr Socha, “Stora boken om bin”, trans. Tomas Håkansson , Stockholm: Alfabeta, 2017.

Found by Krzysztof Rybak

Traces of Antiquity in “MAPS” by Aleksandra Mizielińska & Daniel Mizieliński

Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński are the creators of books for children, illustrations, fonts, applications, and websites. They run their own desing studio – Hipopotam Studio.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania mizielinscy
Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielińscy [source]

Their “MAPS: A Journey around the World in Pictures” (Polish: “Mapy: obrazkowa podróż po lądach, morzach i kulturach świata”, created by Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński), containing 51 pictorial maps for children, became an international bestseller.

Obraz znaleziony dla: mapy mizielinscy
Front cover of the Polish edition of “Maps” [source]

The book was published for the first time in 2012 in Poland, by Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry. Then, it has been translated into many different languages and was published in (approximately) 25 countries. The publication won prestigious awards, among others Prix Sorcières (2013) and Premio Andersen (2013), and was found on the list of “the six most interesting and most beautiful illustrated children’s books, released in 2013” by “New York Times” (read more).

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania mizielinscy mapy światowe wydania
Various world releases of “Maps” [source]

In the book we find many traces of Graeco-Roman Antiquity – they are located on the maps of Italy and Greece. We see there some important characters (among others): Julius Caesar, Homer, and Pythagoras, as well as mythical creatures (Siren, Centaur) and the most important monuments.

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